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My name is Henry Saxon Snell, but everyone calls me Harry.  My mum & dad like the name Harry, which is the diminuitive of Henry in English.  I hate being called Henry, but I love being called Harry a lot. I had a great great great grandfather also called Henry Saxon Snell, and a great great grandfather called Henry Gordon Clark.

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I am very grateful to my first-cousin-once-removed and god-father Alaric Snell who kindly gave me the domain names Henry-Snell.org.uk and Harry-Snell.org.uk for my zeroth birthday, and also hosts my web-site on his personal site: Warhead.org.uk

My web-site is about as bi-lingual as me, but I really want to learn to speak in Russian as well as English.

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My dad's boring web-site has some photos of me.

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I am Harry@Harry-Snell.org.uk, and my parents are Mum@Harry-Snell.org.uk and Dad@Harry-Snell.org.uk.

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